The majority of people who play big lottery games use top winning systems as Lotto Guy Lottery System which by the way has won games such as Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, UK Lotto Australian Lotteries and so on. Eventually people do realize they need to find a more effective lottery strategy or system that can help them truly increase their odds of winning whatever lotto game they are playing. This is the smart strategy to do or you will simply just continue to waste your time and money using virtually useless strategies or lottery systems that have been proven not to work!

The real truth is most lottery systems are just sold to make the seller fast cash. They are chock full of hype and nonsense, which can suck many people into buying thinking the testimonials or 60 day guaranteed refunds will be for real. The sad part is very few testimonials for these fake lottery systems are real, so never believe what you read, especially if the lottery system is being sold through ClickBank. ClickBank it's self is not the actual problem, it is the con artists who sell there products through them. Many lottery systems once thought to be the real deal have now been labeled as bogus non-winning systems. Systems such as this are using false advertising to trick people, they are also on top lottery system review sites reported as systems to avoid. It would be wise to check with one of these Lottery Systems Reviews to make sure you know all the information on a system before purchasing it.

Yes indeed, you do most definitely need to use a lottery system if you are going to succeed in winning the lottery or even routinely hitting 3 or 4 winning lottery numbers. We have found only two lottery systems that have been verified as real legit winning systems. These two systems are NOT sold through ClickBank and do NOT have any affiliates selling them, therefore all the reviews etc on these two systems are very legit. It is no surprise that many review sites and lottery players are recommending one or both of these superior lottery systems, as they simply do work to increase your odds to win.

Of these two very highly recommended systems, the Lotto Guy Lottery System actually won a lottery system poll for best lottery system in the world that wins lottery games. Unlike testimonials and so on that can be faked, polls cannot be faked, so the proof is very solid! Take a look at the actual lottery system poll screen shot below, you will see the winner was in fact the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking 83% of the winning votes. Our second highly rated lottery system is to new, so it was not entered in the lottery system poll, but if it was, it would be Lotto Guy system and Smart Play Lotto Wheels neck and neck for first place. 

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Predicting the lottery perfectly is virtually impossible. once in a while we all get lucky and hit a 3 or 4 number combination and get a nice little cash prize. Then you say, “crap", I wish I had 4 or 5 of these tickets to cash in”. This is exactly what a lottery wheeling system can do for you. A lotto wheeling strategy can be the difference between winning $10 and $400 without spending any more money. By playing a set of numbers, and then putting those numbers in various combinations outlined by a lottery wheeling system, you overlap some of your numbers and create unique choices all at the same time. The result is a much better chance of winning small to medium cash tier prize not only once, but multiple times with in the same draw.

Smart Play lotto wheels are a set of Tested and Proven lottery wheels broken up into three categories. Each category applies to a different play style and of course budget, so no matter what lottery games you play or how much you’re willing to spend on tickets, you are covered very nicely. These smart lottery wheels are only wheels that have won money. Any wheel that did not generate wins did not make the Smart Play cut. You get 15 unique wheels that work for any pick 5 or 6 number lottery game such as, National Lottery, Florida Lotto, Quebec 49, Powerball, Texas Lotto, UK Lotto, New York Lotto, OZ Lotto, EuroMillions etc. This is not silly lottery software that does all the mysterious calculations in the background. You get to see the way the number combination lines are formed and you get to choose how many lines you would like to play.

We do not recommend very many lottery systems as most system are just plain useless, but this system is head and shoulders above the rest and is simply the best wheeling system you can use.

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Everyday many of us get junk emails about the Lotto Black Book stating it is a secret lottery system designed by an Oklahoma math professor Larry Blair. It also states his system will give you outstanding win rates for all lottery games as Canadian Lotteries, Australian Lotteries, South African lotteries, U.S Lotteries, UK Lotteries and so on. This secret Lotto Black Book system can be your for only $96 on the old sales page and about $56 on the second newer sales page.

The big question is, does this Lotto Black Book really work? The answer is NO! It absolutely does not do as advertised, it is a marketing gimmick! There is NO Larry Blair Oklahoma math professor who developed this system. The winning photo's of Larry Blair holding up winning lottery cheques are not Larry Blair, they are Michael Anderson. These photo's were copied without permission from the Oklahoma website and made to look like a Larry Blair won using his secret lottery system, all not true!

The actual Lotto Black Book system is a very silly, very common copied system full of nonsense. The system was just made up by a marketer in a few minutes to look like a complicated secret system, but does nothing to win lotteries. This lottery system is ONLY designed to make the seller and affiliates who sell it money. It also states a 60 day full refund, be very careful as many people issuing complaints they never get the refund as ClickBank does not honor refunds for gambling products and will ask you to prove the product is faulty, which you cannot do with a lottery system.

Your best bet is to stick with using a reputable lottery system. We can only recommend two legit lottery systems at this time. Both systems are highly recommended many many users and both have been Tested and Proven to give real winning results and can be verified by reputable Lottery Systems Reviews. The two systems are:

Lotto Guy Lottery System  

This very unique 3 step lotto system was developed by real University techs using real data and analysis to create a logical system with great win rates that works for all pick 5 & pick 6 lottery games worldwide (not a wheeling system) Tons of great reviews on this system by real users, gives it solid proof it produces results.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

This is a wheeling system like no other wheeling system. All the lottery wheels are put into categories as Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels, and Max Play Wheels, so you can choose the wheel to play according to your budget at the time (makes good sense). All of the wheels they give you have been Tested & Proven as all have won actual cash lotteries, no made up silly junk, these wheels are the real deal and super effective. Again this lottery system works for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games worldwide.

These two lottery systems are the best out there worldwide, they are not expensive as the sellers actually win with their own systems unlike systems sold by marketers with high price tags only designed to make them money, not win lotteries, so Buyer Beware!

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Most of us play the lotteries and of course we all want to win, hopefully the jackpot. Most people just go and get a quick pick lottery ticket and hope for the best right? Using a quick pick ticket is not a good idea as quick picks give you the worst odds to win lotteries. Picking your own random number combinations works better than quick picks and is well proven.

It is a very good idea to play lotteries with lower jackpots as the odds usually are much better and fewer people them, so less competition, thus will also increase your chances to win.

Never play numbers in a consecutive order such as 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5, as this type of numbers combinations very rarely hit. You would only play such numbers if you were looking at a long shot to be drawn.

Use a lottery system to increase your odds to win. This is the best lottery tip you can apply. The main thing is to find a legit reputable proven & tested lottery system, which can be very time consuming and expensive. About 90% of lottery systems being sold are virtually useless, they only make the seller money not you!

There are many types of lottery systems like, wheeling system, pyramid systems, lottery software systems, past drawn number systems, hot & cold numbers systems and so on. If a lottery system says gives you a very high win rate as 45% and up to 98% this is most likely a useless system sold by marketers. If it is sold through ClickBank, it is sold by marketers and affiliates and you should avoid these kinds of systems.

If you are going to go the lottery system route, we always recommend the systems that have been proven and verified to give real results. Two lottery systems that fall into this category are the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which is a University developed tested and proven 3 step system that gives great results for all pick 5 & pick 6 lottery games worldwide. The second system is a reputable wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which only give you lottery wheels that have actually won lotteries and also work for all pick 5 & pick 6 lottery games worldwide.
Both of these excellent systems have many great reviews and are not sold by marketers, they are the real deal and should be your first tool to help increase your odds to hit winning lottery numbers.

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Are you sick and tired of lottery systems that are basically high priced useless systems? Most all lottery systems are just that, totally useless systems. All these lotto systems have been reviewed and all are reported as useless, they state unrealistic accuracy percentages or win rates, just to lure you in then grab your sale.

Sneaky Marketers are making up these silly lottery systems and selling them using phony scenario's. They hype up the sales pages full of lies to trick you. All of these lotto systems do very little to help you win lotteries. They are not tested or proven, they are very simple software systems based on past draws, which you can get easily for free, or very crappy lottery wheels of some form.
Official reviews of The Lotto Black Book, Lottery Circle, Formula 1 Lotto, Lotto Master Formula, Silver lotto, Mark Bower lottery System, Lotto 80 Prediction, Lotto Cash Machine, Lottery Method and many more have been proven over and over, to be nothing but high priced non-winning lottery systems. The main sellers of these most lotto systems are known sneaky Marketers, all they care about is fill their pockets full of your cash. All claim to be lottery experts, really! You are not an expert if you sell useless or copycat lottery systems you can find on the Internet for free.

Big News Flash! There was a lottery system poll taken by a reputable review site, on many of the top lottery systems in the world. You could not vote more than one time, it was locked at 1 vote per IP address. Lottery system users voted on the system they thought was the best of the group. After one month the test results were all in and the lucky winner was the Lotto Guy Lottery System with the most votes. This out come did not surprise me as I know it is a good reputable lotto system and many people love it. What happened to all the high priced lotto systems that said 78-98% accuracy results?It has been absolutely proven by real users votes, that these systems listed below do not do as advertised.

Lottery Circle Software

Silver Lotto System

Lotto 80 Prediction

Mark Bower Lottery System

Lotto Master Formula

Beat The Lotto

Lottery Method

Lotto Cash Machine

Lotto Black Book

Lottery Dominator

Inverted Lottery System

Win Lotto Systems

Lotto Strategies For Winners

Winning Lotto Strategies

Lottery Winning Formula

Formula 1 Lotto System

Lottery Crusher

There is your list of some proven useless lottery system that don't seem to work as claimed by the seller! You should check with this Lottery Systems Reviews before you use any lottery system, they reveal which lottery systems are really winning lottery games. 

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There are many types of lottery systems to choose from, some work much better than others, as in the case of Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These lottery wheels are the best you can get period! They have all been tested and proven to give results and all of these wheels have won actual lottery cash.

Most lottery wheels unfortunately do absolutely nothing in terms of increasing your win rate, or odds to secure lottery winnings. You would have to spend tons of cash trying every wheeling system around, until you find a good one that works. This is not the case anymore, we have verified that Smart Play Lotto Wheels are the real deal, there is no better wheels around.

Smart Play even gives you 3 categories of lottery wheels to fit every persons playing budget. They give you Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels, and Max Play Wheels. Most lottery players do not like to spend to much playing the lottery, so they would use the Budget Wheels.

Smart Play Wheels work for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games worldwide such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Virginia Cash 5, OZ Lotto, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, Lotto 6/49, Australian 6/45, Euromilions, Georgia Lotto, South African Lotto, UK Daily Play, Uk National Lotto etc You can play them all and many users of this excellent system are reporting very good results. 

You can check out the top winning lottery systems and which systems are best to use at this Lottery Systems Reviews.

We have found reports on quite a few lottery systems and the tests people have done with them to see what results they would really get and have to say about the lotto system they tested. This is solid proof, real life testing to see if these lottery system really do what they advertise.

Silver Lotto System - Reported no wins when tested many times, false advertising, mostly all hype.

Lottery Circle Software System - Most Reported no wins when tested, some reported very small win, false advertising, same info can be found for free on the web.

The Lotto Black Book System - Reported no win when tested, silly confusing system, some copied material, false advertising.

Lotto Cash Machine - Reported no wins when tested, false advertising.

Lotto Guy Lottery System - Reported good to very good winning system when tested, no bad reports.

Mark Bower Lottery System - Reported no wins when tested, false advertising, system is a possible copycat of lotto black book system.

There are more lottery system test coming, we just need to see a few more test/reports before adding them so it is a fair analysis. As you can see most of these so-called great lottery system do not do as they say.

You can also check with this Lottery Systems Reviews site on various lottery systems, they tell you if they are good or bad, even show you real proof of which systems are top ranked winning systems.
The Lotto Black Book formula is said to be a secret lottery system developed by Larry Blair an Oklahoma math professor and works great for all lottery games. Well here is the truth! There is No Larry Blair math professor who developed a secret lottery system called the Lotto Black Book, this is just a fake scenario to sell this silly useless lottery system.

The real owner/developer of the Lotto Black Book system is a sneaky marketer who is uses nasty selling tactics to lure you in. Recently it has been reported that all the testimonials, photo's, cheques, on sales pages (new version and old version sales page) are all false!

You see many good reviews about the Lotto Black Book, but did you know these are all by some 30,000 affiliates promoting the system trying to earn commissions. Affiliates will write articles stating how good the system is, only they lie to make money. There are many bad reviews also, but these are harder to find as mixed in with 30,000 fake reviews.

The Lotto Black Book has been tested by many people now and has been proven to be a non-winning lottery system. Many complaints stating it does nothing to win lotteries and that the Guaranteed 60 day refunds are NOT being honored so BEWARE!

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